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These are our six reasons for using self storage in New Orleans.

6 Reasons To Use Self Storage In New Orleans

Why might you need a self storage unit in New Orleans? From moving to downsizing and decluttering your home, self storage units offer you a solution to safely housing your personal belongings. Dependable Storage has a variety of unit sizes and locations to make sure that your possessions are secure. You may be asking yourself—“Do […]

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These are our tips for keeping jewelry in New Orleans storage units.

3 Tips to Keep Your Stored Jewelry Looking Great

We all have pieces of jewelry that hold a special value in our lives. We may not wear them often, but they are keepsakes we could never get rid of. However, there are a few reasons why keeping them in our homes may not be best. Sometimes it just comes down to a lack of […]

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Learn how to organzie your storage units in Baton Rouge with our professionals!

4 Great Self-Storage Organization Tips

Making the decision to rent a self-storage unit can be such a lifesaver. There are plenty of excellent reasons why people choose to store their stuff in these units, from moving to retirement and everything between. And when you want the best storage units in Baton Rouge and beyond, Dependable Storage is ready to meet […]

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Do you know how to organize your self storage unit?

3 Tips To Help You Organize Your Self Storage Unit

If you will be moving soon, you may have realized that not all your furniture is necessary for your new residence. Perhaps there are also valuable items that you don’t want to toss, but you aren’t sure whether they should go into the new house. If this situation sounds familiar, it may be time to […]

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On the hunt for high-quality self storage in Youngsville?

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Do you have enough space to store all of your stuff? It’s a problem that almost everyone runs into at some point, and it doesn’t matter if you rent or own your own home. As we collect more things over time, finding a place to put them can eventually become a problem. But, running out […]

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Looking for the right storage unit in Prairieville?

Your Storage Unit Size Guide

Choosing the right sized storage unit seems easy until it comes time to actually do so. If you are renting a storage unit, you want to pick one that can hold the items you intend to store, without having to pay more than you really need. Our team at Dependable Storage is dedicated to getting […]

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Find climate controlled storage units in Prairieville.

Climate Controlled Storage vs. Non-Climatized Storage

Spring is here and the weather is already heating up! In the South, this means temperatures rising to the 80s and 90s with the return of heavy humidity. And, while we can rely on snoballs and swimming at the pool to beat the heat, it’s a different story for our personal stuff. At Dependable Storage, […]

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Find storage units in Slidell.

Why Choose Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

With the rise of technology, people are making more and more advanced discoveries that help us protect our personal items. This is true even when these items are not directly on us or in our line of sight. That’s why climate-controlled storage units are a great choice when you want to store your personal items […]

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